Albvmbino – 2 l@e Freestyle REVIEW

One thing I’ve noticed about our local music is the lack of information about the song and the process of promotion and or the way the song is delivered to people.

There’s a lot of things we need to consider when it’s about music release, but I don’t blame no one. The thing is there are a lot of talented artists right here but they ain’t got vision and the main problem is that they are all doing the same thing, they are having the same moves, following each others steps, having the same dreams!?!

But anyway, I want to talk about this dude called Albvmbino with his 2 l@e freestyle.

The first time I heard the song I thought he was an underground rapper, because he used an underground instrumental but the way he spit his bars made me understand that he’s a new school talented rapper who got some crazy flows and schemes.

Talking about taking money too serious, talking about society problems and the kids on drugs who got their parents working so hard for them and they don’t consider that. I hear the problems of Moz in this song, but the way he organised the rhymes makes everything a little bit confusing so you have to listen twice to understand his lyrics and do the puzzle.

It’s perfect way to have the news from Mozambique in an unthighten wave.

Take a listen to the song and welcome to Mozambique:


EdiTruz – Por favor, ligue mais tarde (EP) – Reviews

Hello guys, it’s been a while! Let’s start the week with “Please, try again later” LOL. I’m serious tho… I am taking about an EP.

He goes by the name of EdiTruz and he’s from Maputo Mozambique. The guy is so freaking talented and unique. Yesterday he dropped a 5 songs EP called “Por favor, ligue mais tarde” a portuguese slang for “Please try again later”. He’s not so good in promoting his songs, but what caught my attention was the comments in a WhatsApp group where he shared his link. So, let’s break down this EP:

1. Cursed and Blessed

The intro is something of another world. The sample of the beat is something that touches the soul, I don’t know who made the beat but hey I take my hat off for him. The way Edi raps on this smooth beat is amazing, his flows are so touching and the content is something any rapper or artist in my country feels deep inside, coz he brags about the struggle in the music industry, as well as convincing the family that he wants to do this but at the same time he feels like his family is right and he’s wrong. I literally felt the song yoh!

2. Chamada em espera

The rhymes OMG. Once again bragging about music in Mozambique. This is the kind of song you listen to and you start thinking on giving up to sing or rap. He was way too realistic in this song, mainly with the line “music? It’s not something I will live by”, coz this is so real. But I call it a provocative way to dare all the new comers to go hard on what they do and being impressive and criative. The beat is full rap… God, ohhh Edi why you had to be so true in this one. Dreams Vs Reality Vs Circumstances! He still kill the flows… This song is motivational for smart listeners.

3. Caiu a Linha

Ok… Did he just said “I was talking with a bro and he asked for a feature and the line went down?” Lol I hope that bro won’t listen to this song. Well, I feel to much flex on this song. He knows his potential and he shows it in this instrumental. A turn up beat for a professional rapper who got bars and flows. Crazy song.

4. The Call

The way this song starts, reminds me of the intro. Wait, is he singing? Like for real? Is Edi in this hook? Ohhh there comes the boy again with melodic raps and truth talk again. I feel like he is reliefing about facts that happened before in a specific time of his life. And there’s a warning to everyone coming. Yeah, this is my favourite song… It’s so calm and smooth and deep.

5. Número Ocupado

The last song off the EP. It’s a different vibe. Not hip hop like all the above. Hell nooo, this is Kizomba and he is singing for the ladies. I ain’t got a lot to say in this one. It’s perfect song to relax. I would just wanted to know if this is a true story or just something that came up in his mind. It’s a beautiful song!

Well, that’s all for today, listen to EdiTruz’s EP on SoundCloud:

PrBLem – F.L.E.X (Mixtape) Reviews

Music is something that has to be made with much love and affection. When it comes to express your feelings, you gotta go hard and show the world how you feel. Now that’s what I’ve noticed about this guy named PrBLem in his new unleashed mixtape.

Well it’s such a crazy thing but I noticed that the dudes from Maputo these days are not realising too much music on their acclaimed projects. It is something they adopted last year, or I’ve been noticed it since last year.

This mixtape has only 3 songs (1 skit, 1 freestyle and 1 song). And it is well organized and sequenced. The genres are the same, Trap Hard full fitted by some melodic and hard raps. So let’s go down track by track:

01. Intro (skit)

There’s nothing to say about this, it is just a summary of the two following tracks and it was made in a simple and attractive way. I personally like it.

02. Flex Freestyle

And this is how the things start to get complicated. This guy got flows and bars, but at some point he reminds me of some guys I used to listen to from Angola. The instrumental is way too crazy and makes the artist wanna go hard and talk about the willings. This is what PrBLem does here, he let the beat takes him and he expresses himself. Dope freestyle!

03. Meu name

The last song is that type of songs that makes you wanna play in repeat mode. He wants everyone to yell his name out and he talks about it in an impressive way. And I was not wrong when I said this guy got flows and bars. He proves that here too, although he got some angolan accents on his flows. This is some motivating song and you can’t stop shaking your head while listening to it.

Well, I wish he could recorded more songs for this mixtape. He has a lot to offer and give and deliver. Listen to his mixtape on SoundCloud through the link below:

Maputo – the City of Sin

I was born in a city called Maputo, the capital of Mozambique – my beloved country. But I identify myself with the ghetto, which is where I am actually living right now, in a suburban area called Machava, around Matola City.

Anyway, Maputo is a beautiful city and a simple one, there’s no such things as a skyscrapers and the people traffic is only seen at a specific time and place, and even days.

Most of the people go to the city when they need some service, and it may be school, job, and business, handle important documents and more, because those services are mostly based in downtown of Maputo. And it is complicated to have a peaceful walk at the downtown during the daylight, simply ‘cause is where the commerce happens. Everybody is at the downtown to do business, even the hawkers. The train station is located in the downtown, and the most interesting thing is about the history, ‘cause the Maputo downtown is an historical place, that’s why the area is protected by the Cultural Heritage National Law. There are a lot of monumental buildings around, preserving the history of the town as well as the country.

I remember one of those days I was talking to a friend who is doing Ecotourism and Hotel Management and he was complaining about our government. Our country has a lot to offer in the Tourism area using the cultural heritage and a natural landscape, but the thing is we don’t see investments in this area. It is sad to see people wondering about tourists coming to downtown just to see the beauty of the city and take pictures and walking through the buildings and the finding a place like 10 de Novembro just to seat and relax with the beautiful view of the ocean.

The people in my city are more worried about surviving daily. Soon as the sun shines, everyone has to start thinking what they’ll have in the table for the family because more than half of the population are self-employees and the biggest concern is how to maintain the subsistence of the family. So most of them see the downtown as the biggest opportunity for a breadwinner. And at a certain point this makes me think on how to implement a management plan in an area where the population struggles to make their money to survive and pay bills.

Well, these are just some thoughts I had about the city I grew up where nobody cares about nobody. If you want to witness the real selfishness and interests people, just visit Maputo and live for a while. Sometimes I feel like we lost the definition of love, and sometimes I even feel like we became heartless, the time has gone when you’d by accident drop your wallet and someone right behind would call you and give it back it to you; nowadays they take it and throw your IDs away.

The power of Hip-Hop in odd years (2013, 2015 and 2017)

Well, I just woke up and suddenly ran through my computer searching for music to listen to, I actually didn’t know what to listen but I wanted to listen to music. That’s when I opened a folder of Hip-Hop music and I didn’t even decide what to listen ‘cause I saw a lot of Hip-Hop albums, most of them took me back to the times I used to debate with my friends about which album is the dopest.

So today’s post is about Hip-Hop in the years of 2013, 2015 and 2017. I chose those years because I think in my opinion that in these years the rappers came hard to a non-declared war through their music. So let me just talk about it separately:

2013 – The controversial year

This was a big year musically, and I am talking in general. Do you remember when Kendrick Lamar stopped the world with his “Control” verse? Yeah! That was in 2013. The same year Drake came back from a long break with his smash hit “Started From the Bottom” and had everyone yelling “started from the bottom now we here”. In 2013 everyone sang about a “Crooked Smile” or a “Power Trip”.

We saw the first steps of Jay-Z and Kanye West separation when they both released their solo albums “Magna Carta” and “Yeezus” respectively. And I still listen to Yeezus until today. We saw Big Sean having a great year with his “Hall Of Fame” album, right after the release of the single “Control” which had the whole Hip-Hop culture shocked. And because of that we saw dozens of songs coming out aimed to one rapper – Kendrick Lamar. J. Cole fired at Kendrick in “TKO” remix, and Drake fired at “The Language” even though he denied that the verse or the song was talking about Kendrick Lamar’s Control verse.

But anyway, in terms of albums releases, we still had Drake’s “Nothing Was the Same”, competing with J. Cole’s “Born Sinner”. We witnessed the arise of ASAP Rocky with his debut album “Long Live ASAP”, and let’s not forget about Lil Wayne’s “I Am a Human Being II” which is in my opinion a beautiful and complex album. In the same year, the king Eminem came back to the game with his Marshal Mathers LP2 and knocked off all the new generation releases coming out that year.

But, we saw Childish Gambino bringing new vibes and the album which I call “the album of the future” titled “Because the Internet”, meanwhile DJ Khaled, as he always do, came to the competition with his “Suffering From Success” LP. What to say about French Montana’s “Excuse My French”? B.o.B’s “Underground Luxury”? And the goat Ryan Leslie unleashing his “Black Mozart” masterpiece.

We also had a chance to see Juicy J bringing his trippy life with his “Stay Trippy” LP and the beginning of the YMCMB fall with the release of “Rich Gang” album.

Well, 2013 was a hell of a year in Hip-Hop and the debates with my friends didn’t come to an end ‘cause the releases were always coming and coming, and ahhhh, 2 Chainz dropped his B.O.A.T.S II Me Time and Meek Mill with his best mixtape ever “Dreamchasers 3”.

2015 – The ghostwriting year.
LOL, 2015 was Drake’s year with no doubt. The dude kicked off the year with “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” mixtape and making 2015 a competitive year for the upcoming releases. But, there was Meek Mill whom was also working on his second album “Dreams Worth More Than Money” which dropped months later, and he came with ghost writing allegations aimed at Drake LOL. And this is how Drake took advantage to turn 2015 his year, with the double diss records and later a collaborative mixtape with Future, who also released his “Dirty Sprite 2” album, and so the duo ended up recording in 6 days the “What A Time To be Alive” mixtape and becoming the hottest rappers of the US at the time.

But, in the other hand we can’t forget the talented rapper Kendrick Lamar who also dropped his “To Pimp A Butterfly” LP and was able to collect a lot of Grammies with this album. We had an opportunity to hear a beautiful album “The Album About Nothing” by Wale which I think was the best of 2015, and Kanye West took his time to assist Big Sean’s biggest release “Dark Sky Paradise” PL. In the same year ASAP Rocky came back with his second album “At Long Last ASAP”, which took too long to come out due to the death of ASAP Yam, the leader of the ASAP Mob.
But the rapper who caught my attention was Travis Scott when he dropped “Rodeo”, a different vibe from what everyone was doing at the time and this is how he started to kill everybody in the game.

And we also had The Game with “The Documentary 2”, DJ Khaled again with “I Changed A Lot”, and the biggest news here are the releases of “TRAPSOUL” by Bryson Tiller, “SremmLife” by Rae Sremmurd and G-Eazy with “When It’s Dark Out”. Tyga came with consisted album “The Gold Album 18th Dynasty”. Lil Wayne with 2 releases “Sorry 4 the Wait 2” and “Free Weezy Album”.

2017: The Competitive year.
This was in my opinion the biggest year among all of these 3 I chose here. I am not going to say a lot about 2017, because it still fresh and I guess anyone knows what happened. But, the most interesting thing I noticed was the arise of new artist, and the competition was so serious that Drake in 8 years was knocked out of the Billboard Charts!

Well, Drake once again released something… and he called it a playlist “More Life” – that’s why he didn’t make to the Grammys I guess. But he did claimed 13 Grammys at the Billboard Awards and breaking Adele’s record. So, DJ Khaled released what I call his second big and mature album “Grateful”, I say the second ‘cause the first one was Major Key. And hey, Future dropped 2 albums in a consecutive weeks LOL, “Future” and “HNDRXX” – hey, those albums are both self-named.

To be fair, 2017 was Migos year too, we can’t deny they had the best album of the year in terms of quality, yehh I’m talking about the “Culture”. 2 Chainz too with “Pretty Girls Like Trap Music”, and the master Jay Z came back with “4:44” and shouted everyone mouth out. Although Kendrick Lamar dropped his “DAMN” album, which is an incredible one, 21 Savage got into the game with his debut album “Issa” surprising everyone for not including the smash hit Issa.

But, I was also surprised by Wale with his “Shine” album, and I consider Wale one of the few smartest rappers of US. The other good album is “Jungle Rules” by French Montana and “Paranoia – A True Story” by Dave East, and there is “True To Self” by Bryson Tiller. The collaborative album between Travis Scott and Quavo could’ve been better, they did not surprised me with their “Huncho Jack Jack Huncho”.

Those are just a few albums I selected to talk about and take you guys back to the time. Obviously there are a lot of albums I did not include here, but comparing to the other years, in my opinion Hip-Hop was so high and competitive in these years.

The blue sky and the beach

Do you know that the beach and the blue sky can inspire you?
Well, I didn’t know it until yesterday! I went to the beach in my hometown Maputo, to a beach called Costa do Sol and I just found a calm place to stay. It was around 2pm and it was so calm, the wind was so nice and the weather was perfect. I hate the sun though LOL, but I can’t complain about yesterday’s weather, maybe it’s ’cause I was at the beach, the air was fresh and smooth.

The most interesting thing is that I hate to go to the beach, but I don’t know the right reasons. Maybe ’cause there are a lot of people, maybe ’cause I don’t enjoy public places where anybody can do anything, I mean, I don’t know why I don’t like to go to the beach. And every time I go, I don’t even get to touch the water, I just stay at my own lane in a calm place with no one to annoy me.

Anyway, I figured it out that the beach combined with the blue sky can work as a muse for anyone – I guess. It’s unbelievable but, I found myself standing in nowhere during an hour. I was just watching the water, and the clouds were so beautifu, the sun was shining and the eagles flying and making Costa do Sol a perfect landscape. I was able to forget about my problems, my issues and I just left my mind fly into the deepest imagination ever. It’s something unexplainable when you observe the ocean and imagine that you could just swim till you get to the other side which would be an island nearby, but I know it’s not as near as it seems to be.

I started to think that if I had a camera with me I’d have taken the most beautiful and inspiring pictures. But, as a friend told me once, use the material you have for the moment and make it worth, and don’t forget, the creativity counts. I know I could have written a song about birds flying through the water and the sunshine being calmly closed by the clouds. I’d just have to let my imagination go and go and go…. Actually I don’t know why I didn’t write a song.

But the thing is, sometimes we don’t need a lot to get inspired. We just need to relax and go out sometime. Catch some different vibes and feel the power of the nature, let the mother nature takes us to anywhere. I wanted to be with the stars for a while, so far from every material thing. Be emerged into the clouds and breath some pure air, maybe go to the limit which is the sky.

My mother’s 56th anniversary

Yesterday (25) was a normal day anywhere, but not at my place. I want to talk about a woman, a beautiful and simple woman, humble and respectful. She’s a kind of woman who I’d give my life for, she’s been having my back always. She’s been the mom and dad for me, I always appreciated her struggle and hustle because we’ve been through a lot and I noticed the struggle during my teenage times.

She’s that type of woman who always told me to believe in my dreams and having faith always. I’ve been saying in my music that she raised me alone and she’s my biggest motivation. Every time I look at her I feel like I have a reminder in my brain telling me that I need to make my dreams come true for her. I feel like I owe that to her, she gave up on her plans just to afford my education – and I am going to talk about my academic life in a new post soon. It’s important to say that the education in my country is not that easy, especially when we’re talking about education in an public university.

I love my mother so much that yesterday I was so down when I woke up but then when I realized that the calendar was marking 25th February, I huge smile came up on my face. My older sister called me saying that we need to prepare a lunch for momma today. We couldn’t do something big because we didn’t plan it but we didn’t want to let the day pass by.

Well, at 7am I wished my momma a happy birthday and I kissed her and I hugged her. Then she told me that she was going to church… Hours later my sister came by and we baked a cake and we cooked something quick. I was so nervous because I don’t cook for a while LOL. But everything went well, my brother and sister-in-law came by, my niece, my cousins and my brother-in-law also came by to wish my momma a happiest birthday ever.

Well, I am writing this because yesterday I realized that we can do a lot with small things and there’s nothing pretty than watching a sincere smile in your momma’s face for the effort you put in just to see her happy and not letting her biggest day just pass.

🙂 everyone enjoyed the day, we talked a lot, we laughed and I for the first time in a while I forgot that I have a cellphone. LOL.

TYPEGUY talks about his new YouTube channel – UrbTV

Hi people, how you doing? We are in the end of February and the beginning of March, and what I had a chance to notice is that the year is running and I’d be happy if you tell me that you’re achieving some of your goals. I think that there’s no time to take a rest nowadays, the competition is high and everyone is willing to set the bar high.

Talking in setting the bar high, today I’m bringing something different to you. I have this dude here who goes by the name of TYPEGUY. He’s a talented person and he deals with entertainment and he’s also doing is superior course in Hotel Management and Eco Tourism, so it’s clear that he’s way in to the culture thing. So days ago he talked to me about this big project which is a YouTube channel with a purpose to help young talented and new comers artists from Mozambique to come up and show their work to the world, in an rule less way.

To talk a little more and with more details I had to do a little interview with him, and he explained a lot of things about this channel and how it’ll work. So read the conversation I had with him below:

Siddy Mitzvah: Introduce yourself to us!
TYPEGUY: well, I’d love to say thank you for the opportunity and the invitation. My real name is Mateus Almeida and TYPEGUY is the stage name. I am a young dreamer who loves music and image so much.
My biggest passion at the moment is image, because it’s something that identifies myself a lot and I think it’s the only thing I do best. In the other hand I love music, I think my whole life was based on music. I also love martial arts, I do “capoeira” for 9 years and it’s something that links with music too. So, right now I am just a student, I do music and I am an advertising model.

SM: It’s clear that one way or the other you are way more into entertainment. How did you developed this particular interest or passion?
TYPEGUY: My passion for entertainment came out of nowhere. From a lot of presentations I made with “Capoeira”, I noticed that I have a huge capacity to entertain people and I was noting that people love to witness different things and the different is the best way to catch somebody’s attention. And by the time I was watching TV programs I became more interested and curious and something inside of me was telling me that I could do better than that.

SM: Well, you’re opening a YouTube channel (UrbTV). So tell us more about that!
TYPEGUY: UrbTV heheheh… it’s way too crazy to talk about that. But UrbTV is a YouTube channel where the artist will have an opportunity to talk about his career and projects. I like to describe it as a “street channel” because this is how it will work.

SM: So, where this UrbTV idea came from? And how will it work?
TYPEGUY: UrbTV comes from Urban Lifestyle. The idea of this program/project is to directly take the fans to the artist’s lifestyle off stage, so that the fans will get know more about their favourite artists. And every week we’ll have an artist to talk about his life, career, projects, his potential targets and curiosities.

SM: What are the goals of UrbTV?
TYPEGUY: it’s complicated to talk about the goals now, but we are willing to blow the subscriptions to the channel and making a different way of programming for everybody, which will also work as a database. We are trying to bring something different for all the people from Mozambique.

SM: Do you think that with this channel going live, the divulgation issues for young talented artists from Mozambique will decrease?
TYPEGUY: I do. Simply because we are going to do our research first, and then we’ll go after this these guys who don’t have the chance to talk to the people about their music and projects and thoughts. And nowadays the easiest way to talk to the people is through internet. You know that everyone cares a smartphone and wherever he might be will find 8-10 minutes to seat down and watch an episode of UrbTV and there’s no need to wait till 4 or 6pm to watch an entertainment program on TV. It’ll of course help a lot, those artists who doesn’t have space on TV.

SM: What is required to be on UrbTV?
TYPEGUY: First of all, a high quality work. Then, we need too much serenity and be serious and the artist must be artist. The rest is the rest.

SM: Well, in the beginning you said you make music too. Don’t you think that the fact that you’re a musician it’ll limit the target audience due to the fact that you do a typical style of music? Won’t it influence in a type of artists you’ll have on your channel?
TYPEGUY: yeah, I do music. I do Trap Rap and I think that everybody loves rap nowadays. Here in Moz this is one of the genre that’s been doing a lot. The idea of the channel is to bring the less shown part of our music in the country. We want to associate the rap lifestyle to it’s own music and life.

SM: Can you please talk a little more about Urban Lifestyle? Because it seemed to me that UrbTV is such a project inside of this Urban Lifestyle thing!
TYPEGUY: Urban Lifestyle is a clothing brand I am creating and the focus of it is to redeem the urban style and combine it to the modern trends. And I want to thank Chriis FonTana who is the designer of the brand. And as a big friend of mine usually says “TYPE you’re the guy from the streets”, what I want to do is to show the people that the streets has a lot to give, and I am going to do it through the way of dressing.

SM: You are a versatile person with multitasks. Does it mean that your channel will have a variety of entertainment areas? Or will only be music?
TYPEGUY: A lot of surprises. But in a conversation with my partner Vidro Rasgado, the other idea is not to put boundaries in the channel. So we won’t focus on music only. We’ll have a lot of good talking, graffiti, break dance and more. We’ve seen that a lot of people don’t give prize to these things nowadays.

SM: What is your vision about entertainment in Mozambique?
TYPEGUY: very weak. People are still thinking in a box. And there’s this problem of pushing up to the older artists and not giving space to the new generation. I feel like we need to trust in new blood because they have a lot to give and show.

SM: Well, leave a message to the fans!
TYPEGUY: Well, I want to thank you for the invitation and making it possible to talk about this project. And I also want to thank the support from City Life Studios, my squad TnD (The Noiise DUDES) – Siddy Mitzvah, Chriis FonTana, OB, MORELIT and my partner on the project Vidro Rasgado. And for everybody, thanks for being there always. I want you to do something with love and keep yourself focus because God will always give you the support.
Thank you!

Well, I want to thank you TYPEGUY for this episode and for doing something so good and big to the Moz Youth and these talented artists, and of course I feel myself involved in it because I am an artist too LOL, and I am willing to be on UrbTV one day!

Follow him on social media:
Facebook: TYPEGUY TnD
Instagram: TYPEGUY_TnD
Twitter: TYPEGUY2

Chriis FonTana – Open My Soul (EP) Review

Hello guys! Today’s topic is about a guy who is not new to you. I think it’s so weird for me to talk about his new project simply because he is my guy and every time he needed an opinion about anything related to this project, he’d just blow my phone and call me to go over the studio and listen to what he did and maybe change something. But the most interesting thing here is that he changed a lot, there’s some big difference and evolution here comparing to his previous works.

Anyway, I’m talking about Chriis FonTana, he is a rapper, singer, producer and cover designer. He is the guy behind my album “Tell the Truth”, my EP “New Year’s Resolution” and my CP too “eXtra”. He is one of the most hustler guys I know out here, the guy who does everything by himself. He makes the beat, he raps/sings, he does the mixing and master and then he design the cover of the song. Back in the days I called him a selfish artist because of that.

00. Cover

So, let’s go to the point. He released a 6 trapsoul songs EP on Tuesday (20) called “Open My Soul”, and I’ve to say, it’s such a beautiful EP for February :).

The EP starts with “Don’t Love the Money”, a smooth way of telling a girl not to go out there b****!ng and he sings in an impressive way that literally convinces the listener to hear the next song. And I was surprised when I heard my voice on this song 😀 , the only thing I remember is he calling me and asking “bro what do you think about this life we’re pursuing lately, what do you see in our future?” and I just started talking a lot of stuff, geez! I didn’t imagine he was going to put that in an opening song of his own project. But I think it’s dope though, because it fits with what he ends up saying in the song.

So, the 2nd song is called “Like Me”, and it’s one of my favourite songs J I love the emotion he pour out in this song. The introduction of it makes me fly and it can take anyone to wonderland. The melodies easily stuck in anyone’s head, and the talking in it. He’s telling a girl whose confused about her own feelings, since he’s so sure about it, he’s telling her that she likes him, and not only because he’d get money and fame, but because he’s an adorable person.

And there comes the song of the EP J. “Calling on My Phone” gets anyone in his feeling and OMG the video he shot for this song is AMAZING! Ooops, did I just wrote about the video he shot? Damn, FonTana will kill me for this 😀 . but here’s the thing, this song is perfect, plus the intro made by TYPEGUY is beautiful, the things he say in here touch deep in the heart. This is one of Chriis FonTana’s best song ever!

And the 4th song is called “Plans on Me”, another sentimental and emotional song bragging about a girl who seems to have some new plans with him, when he doubted about it back in the days. This song brings back in a certain point the vibe of Don’t Love the Money and I’m talking about the smooth singing and a directly conversation with the girl in case.

“Friendzone” is the 5th song and it starts so well and beautifully. This song contains the mixing vibes of all the songs I mentioned above. Its that type of songs that makes you dream about a lot of things and also makes you fly. I could say, “don’t get drunk and listen to friendzone because you gon call someone :D”.

The last song is “Tryna Change Me”. FonTana called me to hear this song one of those days and he told me that he’s talking to his girl here. After all they been through he’s actually asking for forgiveness but at the same time he’s warning her about the changes are going to come during the lifetime. The thing is to know how to deal with such things. It looks like he’s worried about the future, their relationship and the way he’s choosing to follow.

So, if I could rate this EP, I’d give it 8 out of 10. Guys, take a seat and listen to this masterpiece.

A courtesy of The Noiise DUDES

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