Siddy Mitzvah – New Year’s Resolution (EP) 2017

Hello guys, here I am one more time, and yeah it’s been a while though!

Today I got something new I want to share with you. I dropped my album a month ago, and to be honest with y’all, that wasn’t my best project or the highest level I wanted, but I wanted to share that incredible with y’all and I honestly think it was a hell of great album, I’m actually still in love with it 🙂


In the other hand, I never quit working. This has been a great year for me if y’all ask me, I released a lot of good music and everyone who listened to it enjoyed for real. So, like Dj Khaled, 😀 I’m back with ANOTHER ONE, LOL… I’m bringing this EP, which I decided to name it NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION and it’s a 6 songs EP, produced by myself, Dáryo Araújo and Chriis FonTana, and it features OB, TYPEGUY and Chriis FonTana.


Here is the tracklist:

01. 1112 
02. No Problems
03. True Life
04. Holy of Holies
06. Lame Niqqas 

You can listen to my EP on my SoundCloud page:

Or even download it for free here: FREE DOWNLOAD  or Zippyshare Link.

So That’s my New Year’s Resolution told in 6 songs!




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