Tell The Truth album is finally here

It has been a hell of a week, promoting my album all around social media and so on. Well, we acting independent and we’re trying to do our own thing out here, which is not easy though.

There goes, the sleepless nights, the long discussions and debates to see what kind of result we should have. But, at the end of the line, I’m very happy with the result and I’ve been so excited to share this with you guys LOL… Early in the morning I was chatting with Amy J Mane and I told her how excited and nervous I was to share this album with everyone. It was looking like I was going to my very first live performance to impress everyone.

Front Cover
Front Cover

I loved to work on this album, like yeah, this story I wanted to tell here, it’s a body of work and every time I seat down to listen to my album I say to myself like “yoh, those sleepless nights counted off right now”.

I wanna thank everybody for the support and please, download my album… I’ll share the links below and for now, I’m going back to studio, need to work on a new one!

Tell The Truth album (click here to download) 

Back Cover
Back Cover

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