Tell The Truth album

My album is actually done hey, now we’re just working on final details and you know what! I’m so excited to share this masterpiece with you guys. It’s been a while since I don’t feel myself like this, we worked too much on this album and I wanna thank God for giving me a time to do what I love to do, and I wanna thank my team yohhhh….


The Noise DUDES, you guys are incredible, thanqiuuuu Chriis FonTana, TYPEGUY, OB and Vidro Rasgado. I couldn’t have done this without you guys!


The other special thank you goes to Amy J Mane, God bless you always and thanqiuuu for your time, for your patience, hey by the way, visit Amy’s blog “Her Life as Amy” and listen to the podcast we did about my album with all the details.

I wanna thank Célia for the contribution on Overreacting song, and Jessy for the interlude on Division. You girls are amazing, God bless you. Hey, I almost forgot about Sheila Adamo, thanqiuuu always, for the support and everything.


Dáryo Araújo, my man thanqiuuu for trusting me bro! I got you, I got us!

Hey Hilário, thanqiuuu bro for coming and visiting me and shooting a short video LOL, it was great tho…. Great times bro, we still going to do some crazy things, TRUST ME! By the way here is the video where I was rapping my new song called No Problems.



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