eXtra vs. BadPast

Every day is a new day to test your capacities and keep practicing anything to develop your skills, and I’m not talking about a specific area, I’m talking in general. No matter what you do, how you do, the reason you do it, anything you do, you have to practice such a thing, every day, if possible.

So today I want to deliver a few more information about two projects unleashed a couple of weeks ago. I decided to call this article “eXtra vs. BadPast” because, those are the two projects in discuss here. eXtra is my CP (CP is a monogram I decided to use to denominate compilation), composed by 4 freestyles, (I call it freestyles, and you’ll get it why, but a lot of people say those are solid tracks) I did in a single day. In other hand, BadPast is also a CP by Chriis FonTana, also composed by 4 songs he recorded in a single night.

S. Mitzvah

eXtra opens up with the second freestyle I recorded that day and I called that freestyle “Free Mind” because it explains the contest of all the following freestyles. What I mean is, I just chose those instrumentals randomly, I didn’t have a pattern I just searching for some beats on FonTana’s computer, and the first instrumental I found was for “What She Said?” I just played the first 10 seconds and I said “let me jump into it”, I started rapping, without a lyrics, without a structure, just feeling free and testing my capacity of pure improvising with no break. And after recording Free Mind, I went to No Smoke, and this one was way hard. And I ended with The Line. To my surprise, people are enjoying and bumping to What She Said and Free Mind.

C. FonTana

BadPast opens up with the second song FonTana recorded that night, BabyISRight according to him. He was in the studio with TYPEGUY, when he had an idea of recording this CP, challenging himself. The first song he recorded was FameMoney, the curious thing here is, Chriis FonTana didn’t write down the lyrics for those songs, but he has drawn a solid structure for all songs to BadPast, that’s why he took a whole night to record these 4 songs. He said he produced the beats in the same night he was about to record, when he was producing the ideas were coming in his head and he recorded immediately. The last song he did was NoLoyal, which is one of the most listened song on this CP, before BabyISRight, and GoodPack comes last.

Another interesting point here about those projects is the way the songs/freestyles were done. eXtra was recorded within 6 straight hours and BadPast was recorded in 11 straight hours including the process of making the beats. So, in my opinion this is explained by a constant training and much time spent in studio and practicing. It still hard to believe that I and FonTana dared ourselves to do what we did while we were working on my “Tell The Truth” album, while couple of weeks ago FonTana unleashed his “InMyFace” album, and a month ago we recorded an EP “SHU.” for our group named ONUS (composed by Chriis FonTana, TYPEGUY, OB, Vidro Rasgado and me Siddy Mitzvah).

Anyway, you can find all our staff on Dinastia’s blog.

Mitzvah & FonTana

By the way, my album Tell The Truth will be available on November, I’ll let you all know the day on my next posts.


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